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Cosmetic Dentistry:

Your smile is the first thing people notice about you. A beautiful smile exudes confidence and happiness. Today’s advances in dental technology can help you to achieve that bright smile. Some of the services that Dr. Hekmatyar can provide for you are the following:

  • Repair chipped or worn teeth
  • Close gaps between teeth
  • Whiten discolored teeth with our home bleaching system
  • Replace metal fillings with tooth colored fillings
  • Veneers and bonding to enhance the look of your natural teeth
  • Ask about additional treatment availableCosmetic dentistry can help improve the health and beauty of your smile. It will give you self confidence and allow you to feel comfortable giving others a wide happy smile. Anyone who is unhappy with the look of their smile is a candidate for cosmetic dentistry. Dr. Hekmatyar’s personal care and attention to detail can help you achieve the look you have always wanted.

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Crowns and Bridges:
Crowns are made from precious metal and/or porcelain. Crowns are molded to fit over damaged teeth or teeth with large restorations. Crowns cover the entire surface of the tooth, protecting and strengthening the natural tooth. The crown is perfectly matched to adjacent teeth, enhancing the natural beauty of your smile.  
A bridge is used to fill in a gap from a missing tooth by using the adjacent teeth.

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Although our practice philosophy is to save teeth, there are instances when a tooth is unable to be saved due to such factors as extensive fracture, gum disease, or other reasons. We offer prompt emergency treatment, most extractions done in office, more difficult extractions are referred to an oral surgeon.

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Implant Restorations:
With today’s advanced technology in dentistry, an implant is one of the best options for replacing a missing tooth. Dental implants not only enhance the appearance of a person’s overall smile, but also improve speech and chewing ability. Contact Dr. Hekmatyar’s office today for a free consultation to see if you may be a candidate for dental implant restorations.

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Dentures and Partial Dentures:
Dentures and Partial Dentures are custom made removable appliances that replace missing teeth. Cosmetic dentures and partial dentures can improve your appearance with a natural looking smile. Dr. Hekmatyar takes extra steps to ensure a comfortable fitting, functional denture or partial denture that allows you to chew and speak comfortably. If you are unhappy with your current dentures or are in need of dentures for the first time, contact Dr. Hekmatyar’s office for a free consultation.

We also offer same day denture reline and repairs.

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Teeth Whitening:
Tooth whitening is a simple and affordable way to dramatically improve the quality of your smile and provide you with a more youthful look. Brighter, whiter teeth can be achieved quickly and easily in the comfort of your home. Contact our office to learn more about our bleaching specials.

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Root Canal Therapy:
A badly infected tooth or a tooth with significant decay can sometimes be salvaged through a procedure called root canal therapy or endodontics. Root canal treatment consists of the removal of infected or irritated nerve tissue in the root of the tooth and then filling the space. A root canal relieves pain and prepares the tooth for the final restoration for natural tooth function.

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Gum Disease and Prevention:
Periodontal Disease or Gum Disease is an infection of the gums caused by a buildup of tartar and plaque caused by bacteria in the mouth. Untreated, the supportive structures of the teeth become damaged which can lead to the loss of teeth and other health concerns.

Gum disease is a very common disease among adults, and sometimes can also occur in adolescents. Professional or different types of cleaning may be used in the treatment of gum disease. It is extremely important to have regular screenings by a dentist or hygienist to prevent gum disease from forming. Contact our office today to schedule an appointment.

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Nitrous Oxide Sedation:
We offer nitrous oxide sedation ‘Laughing Gas’ per request to help relax patient during treatment.

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Clenching and grinding teeth is a neuromuscular disease which may cause fractures, wear, and loose teeth. A properly made biteguard protects teeth and helps to relax the facial muscles. Ask our office for a free consultation for the different types of mouth guards.

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